Between packing, hiring help, and setting up your new place, moving can be extremely stressful. Moving with pets can make things even more difficult, as it can be tough to keep track of your furry friend when you have so much else on your plate

Luckily, moving with pets doesn’t have to be stressful if you know the right tips. Read this checklist to learn more. 

Get Your Pet Ready Before Moving Day 

There are a few logistical things you need to take care of before you move with your pet, especially if your move is across state lines. 

Make sure you get a dog ID with your new address, and also make sure you have copies of your pet’s vaccination records. Additionally, you should look for a vet in your new neighborhood before you move, and make sure to keep their contact info on hand in case anything arises in the first week you move. 

You should also make sure you understand the pet regulations in your new neighborhood. If you’re moving into a new apartment, make sure to double-check that the building allows pets. If you’re living in a residential neighborhood, look into the rules on licensing and keeping your pet on a leash. 

Some neighborhoods also don’t allow certain dog breeds, so check into this as well. 

Hire a Pet Sitter for Moving Day 

While it can be difficult to spend time apart from your furry friend, hiring a pet sitter for moving day is the best way to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. 

For one, having a pet sitter will ensure that you can focus on packing and moving. Additionally, some movers may not be comfortable with pets roaming around when they’re trying to move heavy furniture and boxes. Even if your pet is normally very well behaved, they may react adversely to strangers in the home moving stuff around. 

To keep everyone safe and happy, have your dog spend the day with a pet sitter. Of course, after the packing is done, you’ll need to figure out how to transport your pet to your new place. 

If it’s a local move, there’s not much you need to think about, as your pet can just go in the car with you. If the move is out of state but not too far away, you can still consider driving with your dog. Just make sure you budget enough room for plenty of potty breaks and stretching. 

If you plan to fly your dog for the move, make sure to check the airline’s regulations beforehand to ensure they allow pets onboard and to figure out what carrier size you need. 

Moving With Pets: Time to Get Started 

Now that you’ve read this guide on moving with pets, it’s time to get ready for the big day. With the tips above, your moving day should be relatively stress-free, and soon, your pet will be enjoying its new home. 

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