Moving a baby grand piano can be a daunting task, to put it mildly. These instruments, typically ranging from 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 6 inches in length and weighing between 500 to 600 pounds, are not only heavy but also delicate.

If you’ve recently moved to Nashville and need to bring your baby grand piano into your new home, careful planning and execution are essential. Ensuring the piano’s safety during the move requires attention to detail and the right expertise.

In this blog post, Tri-Star Moving will share some expert tips to make sure your baby grand piano arrives safely and in perfect condition. Let’s get started with these piano moving tips.

Hire Professional Movers

The most important step in moving heavy instruments like a baby grand piano is to hire professional piano movers, and that, of course, is where we come in. Our experts have the necessary tools, experience, and knowledge to handle your piano with care. We know how to navigate tight spaces and avoid damage to both the piano and your home.

Before we arrive, it’s also good to take some time to prepare your piano. For example, you should close and lock the keyboard lid to protect the keys from damage. If your piano has removable parts like the music stand or the legs, these should be detached and packed separately, as this makes the piano easier to move and reduces the risk of damage.

Measure Your Space

The next step should be to measure the doorways, hallways, and staircases in your new home. Compare these measurements with the dimensions of your piano to ensure it will fit through all necessary passages. If any doorways or hallways are too narrow, you may need to make special arrangements, like removing doors temporarily.

If you’re helping with the move or just want to understand the process, know that moving a piano requires specific equipment. This includes a piano dolly, moving blankets, and heavy-duty straps. The piano dolly helps with rolling the piano, the blankets protect it from scratches, and the straps are essential for securing the piano during the move.

Clear the Path

Another tip is to make sure the path from the moving truck to the piano’s final location is clear of obstacles. This means removing any rugs, furniture, or other items that could get in the way. A clear path helps the movers work more efficiently and reduces the risk of accidents.

As noted above, baby grand pianos are heavy and can easily damage floors. It’s recommended that you lay down protective coverings like cardboard, plywood, or moving pads along the path the piano will travel. This prevents scratches and dents in your flooring.

From here, all you need to do is let our moving company take over. Your baby grand piano is in safe hands.

Tips for Moving a Baby Grand Piano

By following these expert tips, moving a baby grand piano into your new Nashville home can be a smooth and stress-free experience. For the best results, trust Tri-Star Moving, a reliable and experienced moving company in Middle Tennessee.

Our team ensures your piano arrives safely and in perfect condition. Contact us today to schedule your move and let our professionals handle your prized instrument with care.