A survey has shown that many Americans feel that moving can be more stressful than a divorce!

Moving can be both emotional and logistically challenging. Especially when it comes to important rooms like the kitchen, you want to make sure you get it right. Don’t worry though, this article is here to help you figure out how to pack a kitchen in the most efficient way!

We cover how to prepare for moving a kitchen, as well as how you can keep the room functional until the last moment. We also talk about moving breakable items as well as what to do with your perishable food.

Prepare Your Packing 

When kitchen packing, make sure to prepare the area and have the right materials. Take some time to throw away things you don’t need anymore. This saves you from needing to find space for them and will make you feel clearer going into your new house.

Make sure that you create a plan for packing so that you don’t miss anything. It’s normal throughout the moving process to feel overwhelmed. So writing everything down will help relieve stress.

You can keep an inventory of what needs packing, and a list of how everything needs to get stored.

Keep It Functional

When you are packing dishes and utensils, try to pack non-essential items first. Remember, you still need to use your kitchen until you leave. So you will need to have access to the things you use every day.

Try and keep all these items in one place so they don’t get mixed up in the rest of the kitchen packing. Don’t forget to leave a spare box for them though for when you finish packing. 

Mind the Glassware

When packing fragile items like glassware, make sure you use extra protection. Wrap each item separately, as well as add extra padding inside the box. You could also use cardboard dividers to keep things from bashing together.

You should also mark each box to make it clear which ones have breakable objects. This way you can avoid stacking them underneath heavy items by accident. 

Moving Food Items

When it comes to food items, moving companies generally won’t transport them due to health and safety reasons. Things like eggs, fruit, vegetables, or milk will not get accepted to go on the moving truck. 

If you want to avoid waste, try and plan a week or so in advance. That way you can eat up some of your fresh and dry food before you start packing up the kitchen.

Cooking some batch meals could be very helpful for you during the moving process. Then you have easy-to-prepare meals throughout the week, which need minimal washing up!

How to Pack a Kitchen Made Easy!

If you have been wondering how to pack a kitchen, we hope this article has helped you. Make sure that you are prepared before you start, so you can pack with ease. 

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