As Americans, we’re always on the move. The average American citizen moves nearly a dozen times over the course of a lifetime. Some of these moves are bigger than others, however, and may take more work to prepare for. If you’ve got a big long-distance move ahead of you, it’s important to put the work in ahead of time to make sure your move runs smoothly. Don’t make the mistake of leaving everything to the last second or assuming the moving companies can handle all the details on their own. What do you need to know about preparing for a long-distance move? How can Nashville movers help?

Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics.

Create a Moving Schedule

Proper organization will go a long way when it comes to your move. Before you even lift an item into a box, it’s best to set up an overarching system for yourself.

The most helpful step you can take? Creating a moving schedule. Pull out your calendar and mark your moving date in red. Ideally, it’s still many weeks away at this point. Between that date and now, fill in a series of mini-goals. 

When should each room in your house be packed up? When should you have hired movers by? When will you have gotten rid of unwanted items? 

Having this all outlined on your moving calendar will keep you focused and on track as the big day approaches. 

Finding the Best Nashville Movers

You’re sad to leave the Mt. Juliet area, but the time has come. Securing the best moving company Nashville has to offer will help make your parting feel a little less sorrowful. 

When looking to hire movers, you’ll want to do your research. Make sure you’re working with a company that has great reviews and a lot of experience – specifically, experience with long-distance moves.

It’s always a good idea to check any moving company’s accreditation with the Better Business Bureau before signing on any dotted line. Better safe than sorry!

Know Your Move-In Situation 

If you’re moving far across the country, you might be less certain about what waits for you on the other side. In some rare instances, you might not even be that deeply familiar with the home or neighborhood you’re moving into. 

It’s important to try and get around this knowledge gap before your moving day. The more you can try and understand what challenges might be waiting for you and your belongings when you arrive, the better you can prepare for them. 

Do the roads around your new home allow for larger trucks? How wide are the doorways? Do you need a parking permit, or permission from the building manager to move in? 

It’s important to get this all squared away ahead of time. 

Planning a Long-Distance Move

If you’re moving away from Nashville to somewhere else in the country, you’e got a big move ahead of you. Planning on how to make this move possible will be essential, and the above advice can help you to ensure things run smoothly.

Need help from some of the best Nashville movers around? Give us a call anytime for assistance.