As moving day approaches, you’ll find more and more things to worry about. That’s the whole point of hiring professional movers: to take some of that burden off of you. 

So, if you have to worry about whether or not you can trust your moving company, it sort of defeats the purpose. But that’s one worry you can now scratch off your list.

Below, we’ve written you a simple guide on how to find moving companies you can trust. You’ll also learn how to avoid the ones you can’t trust.

Read this guide and follow these steps to hire the best moving companies in your area.


1. Check Local Moving Companies

Movers you find and hire online aren’t always what they seem. In fact, they may not be a real moving company at all.

Often, these scammers are merely selling you a contract, not a legitimate service. Once you sign, they hire anyone looking for a quick buck to move your items, whether they’re qualified movers or not. 

After moving your items, they inflate the final price far beyond the original estimate they gave you. They might even refuse to deliver your things until you pay what they ask.

This is, unfortunately, a very common moving scam. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid.

Simply make sure the movers you hire are an established moving company with a physical location in your area. If they don’t have an address, they probably aren’t real movers.

2. Check Out Their Reputation

You also can, and should, find out more about the company’s reputation. Check the company out on reliable business rating sites like Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau.

You can also email to see if they’re a member of the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association). Members of this association must obey strict standards of fairness and professionalism in their business dealings. 


Also, check user reviews when researching moving companies online. Google, Yelp, and Bing are good sites for this.

This is a reliable way to find out how trustworthy these companies truly are. Check reviews on multiple review sites to get the most accurate consensus. 

Speaking of trustworthy testimonies, ask your friends and family for their input as well. Find out who has helped them move before and if they were pleased enough to recommend them to you.


3. Get In-Home Estimates

When you have a decent list of movers you can trust, it’s time to get estimates. Get at least 3 in-home estimates from different movers before you make your choice.

Be sure to disclose to the estimator everything you’re taking with you. For instance, people sometimes forget to mention that they’re taking their oven or washer and dryer. These large, heavy items will affect the price so let the estimator know that you need them moved.

Finally, find out exactly how pricing is calculated. Ask if, and how, the final price may change after the estimate.


Make Good Help Easy to Find With These Tips

Hiring moving companies should relieve your worries, not increase them. Make good help easy to find. Follow these steps when hiring professional movers.

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