You’ve just loaded up the truck with all your belongings and are headed out on the highway to move to a new home. But then that thought hits you, and you gasp: you’ve just forgotten something very important.

Moving is stressful, to the point where people may need psychological or therapeutic help to deal with it. Wasting money or time on things you’ve forgotten can put a real damper on enjoying your new home. So before you go, put together a moving checklist.

If you’re not sure what to jot down, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for moving tips on what to include.

Slim Down Your Moving Checklist by Decluttering

It happens to the best of us: we hang onto things for far too long. Old trinkets, magazines, and unused wedding gifts that we promise ourselves we’ll use eventually. But the truth is, we never will.

Do yourself a favor and give away or discard anything you really don’t need. We promise you will feel much better shaving a few hours off the moving process.

Handle Fragile Items with Care

Fragile items from televisions to computers are some of the most expensive and most delicate. Moving puts a strain on your budget, so you can’t exactly afford to purchase these things again at your destination. Plan carefully for how to pack, store, and transport all of your delicate items.

Your moving company can handle this best. Let them box and pack all your delicate items so they receive the best care.

Get As Many Boxes As You Possibly Can

Boxes during moving are one of those things you can never have enough of. You will fill all of the boxes that you have, and still need more. It never hurts to have extra since they’re easy to pack away for later.

Ask friends and family, look for them at work, or just buy them from a packing store. High-quality boxes will last for years and across multiple moves.

Keep Close Track of All of Your Files

It’s easy to lose little things, but you can’t afford to lose valuable documents. Find a safe place for birth certificates, tax records, and everything else you cannot live without. Make backups of them digitally if you can.

Keep these records close at hand at all times. These are the sorts of things you want in the passenger seat next to you in the moving truck.

Let Tri-Star Do the Moving

No move is complete without a moving checklist. There are a lot of little things that it’s easy to forget even when you’ve scoured the house from top to bottom. Include the above on your list and be prepared for moving day.

At Tri-Star Moving, we help you move home as if it was our own. Get a free quote for your move so we can get started ASAP.