The actual moving day isn’t the only stressful moment of the house purchasing process. There’s dealing with the ups and downs of the ever-changing housing market, finding a realtor, buying the home, endless paperwork, bank deals, and packing. 

Moving services can’t help you with the bank, but they can certainly take a lot of pressure off of the physical moving. Of course, they’ll be there for moving day to carefully pick up furniture, transport it, and unload it in the new home. Did you know that movers can help with other aspects of your move, too? 

There are other moving services available that may not come to mind. Read on to find out three services that will make your move much simpler. 

1. Packing 

Leave this to the professionals. Expert packers can get the job done quickly and minimize potential loss. 

Transporting fragile goods can be a concern. With trusted packers on the job, you don’t have to worry about your precious belongings getting damaged. Their methodical packing process will make your life much easier.

Not all moving companies in Nashville provide this essential, time-saving service. If time is tight or you want to take loads of stress off of your shoulders, you should check to see if packing is offered before you choose your movers.

2. Disassembly of Furniture

Some furniture needs to be disassembled for safe transport. Things need to be secure and protected to avoid potential damage. 

Movers can break down shelves, beds, tables, and more with ease. Be sure to mention if you need any furniture to be taken apart in the move when you’re getting your moving quote in Mt. Juliet or Nashville. 

3. Bulky Items

There are items that can’t fit through the door without some serious manipulation. Unless you have a wide-open floor plan with giant doors, it might be challenging to avoid scratching the furniture or dinging the walls. 

There are already so many stressors hovering on and before moving day. It requires a ton of planning and flawless execution. Things can go wrong at every turn!

Trying to get a bulky couch through a narrow door frame might just be the final straw for your patience. 

Some items are physically incapable of fitting through a door. Think along the lines of a grand piano or large appliances. These items might be able to be hoisted! 

Hoisting is a type of rigging system. There’s specialized equipment, training, and safety protocols involved. If you do have something that isn’t able to be broken down or fit through a ground floor window or door, hoisting must be done by professionals.

Luckily, many movers will offer moving services for larger items, sometimes at an additional fee. 

Superb Moving Services

When it comes to moving services, you want a company you can trust. Not all moving companies are equal. 

Tri-Star Moving is the locally owned and operated moving company in St. Juliet you can count on. Be sure to check out our available moving services and tips. Contact us today with any questions or to get a free quote!