According to Vogue, a sufficient wardrobe for the average person is about 74 garments and 20 outfits in total. However, many people often hold onto certain clothing items either because they don’t currently fit into them or for sentimental reasons. 

The problem with having so many clothes is that they make it very difficult if you ever decide to move to another home. You shouldn’t have to toss out important items, but you also don’t want them to take up more space than is necessary.

Here’s what you need to know about the best way to pack clothes to move. 

Downsize and Purge

One of the first things you’ll want to do before your big move is declutter your home. That includes getting rid of clothing items and accessories that you don’t wear anymore or don’t want. 

The reason for this is because people tend to hoard clothing items. They’re generally easy to store and lose track of, but that will work against you when you need to pack them up. 

Store Seasonal Items

If you have a lot of seasonal items that you want to save, then put them in a storage unit or box. There are plenty of personal storage options where you can drop off a box or two and have them placed with your other items. 

This is best done with items meant for very specific seasons, such as heavy items like jackets or beanies. Items like t-shirts and jeans are appropriate for multiple seasons, so they don’t need to be stored.

Buy Wardrobe Boxes

It’s normal to roll clothes up or stick them in vacuum bags for easy transportation. However, that’s an easy way to wrinkle up some of your nicer items.

Instead, you should see if you can rent or buy wardrobe boxes. These come with a bar to hang your clothes on and enough space so your items won’t get wrinkled. 

Use Space Wisely

How you pack your items will depend on whether or not you’ve stored seasonal items already and how you keep your clothing organized.

One way to pack is by putting bulky items in a box first and then packing the sides with smaller articles and accessories. Alternatively, you can pack the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest ones on the top for a more balanced weight distribution.

Hire a Moving Company

When in doubt, hire a moving company to streamline the process. They’ll often bring packing items that you’ll need, as well. Just make sure to learn as much about them as you can before hiring them and compare quotes. 

Find the Best Way to Pack Clothes to Move

The best way to pack clothes to move will change from person to person. If you’re a minimalist, then it’s as simple as using vacuum bags and a backpack. Shopaholics will have a much larger struggle whittling down their options. 

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