The cost of movers can vary from $500 to $5,000 on average for a residential move. Moving quotes for commercial properties can range even higher. It’s hard to exactly decipher how much a move will cost. 

It depends on where you’re moving, how much you have, and what services you’re looking for. At Tri-Star Moving we offer a no obligation-free quote, so you know what to expect before you commit. 

Moving can be complete DIY, left to the professionals, or a hybrid. Below we’ll cover the average à la carte prices of moving company rates. Keep reading below to come up with a plan that works for your budget and schedule.

1. Packing

The first, and most dreaded, step in a move is packing. Your packing costs boil down to how much you own, and how fragile or heavy it is. Packing can be incredibly time-consuming, so if you run a tight ship, it is worth paying a trustworthy moving company to do your packing for you.

Packing can cost anywhere from $500-$1000 for a small apartment or $4,000+ for a five-bedroom home. If you decide to pack yourself, it will take plenty of time, but essentially have no cost.

2. Loading and Unloading Cost of Movers

After everything is packaged securely, the next step is to get it loaded. You first have to determine what size truck or cubicle you need. A moving company can easily bring the right size truck so you don’t waste time or money picking one too small or big.

Loading costs are included in the packing costs but locations with difficult access might incur additional costs of $200-$500 upfront. This is if your unit requires special maneuvering that requires more movers to load and unload furniture due to tight spaces or windy stairs.

3. Transportation

The cost of movers for transit is standard since it relies on mileage. Driving a truckload of items should be done by professionals who’ve done it numerous times before. Your moving quote for transportation will depend on distance so it can be as little as $100 or as high as $3000 depending on how far you’re traveling.

4. Hidden Costs

If you decide to work with a professional moving company, there should be no hidden costs. All costs should be accounted for upfront. 

If you decide to DIY your move you will need to cover moving insurance, rental vehicle insurance, truck mileage, gasoline, and moving supplies like boxes and blankets. These DIY costs average $150 a day for a solo mover.

Get it All done in One Move

There are many moving services to consider that will affect your final cost of movers. At Tri-Star Moving, we do it all. As a full-service solution, we can cover your move from packing all the way to unloading at your new destination.

All things considered, a mover will cost $25-$50 an hour. This is great considering the time ad energy saved leaving it to the professionals. If you’re in the Tennesse area and looking for help with your next move, contact us today!