Have you been considering a move to Tennesee? You’re not alone. Tennesee is becoming a hot destination, and for good reason. It’s great here!

But where are you going to go? Are you going to hit the big city centers like Memphis and Nashville, or are you aiming for something a little bit more quiet and relaxed?

Regardless of your lifestyle, we want to help set you on the right path to your dream home. We’re here to talk about one of our favorite places to live: Mt. Juliet. 

But why move to Mt. Juliet? We have a few reasons for you. Keep reading to learn why we love living in Mt. Juliet and why we think you’ll love it too. 

Great for Families

Mt. Juliet is a wonderful place for families to live in. There are plenty of fun parks and local activities for children and adults alike to get some fun in the sun on days off from school. 

Speaking of school, Mt. Juliet has a good public school system with high-rated schools across all ages. You don’t have to worry about your children getting a great education when you live in this quaint little town. 

Beautiful Homes

We all know that homes in city centers can be too expensive for the average person, especially if they’re bringing a large family along. Luckily, you can get spacious and beautiful homes in Mt. Juliet at a reasonable price. 

The median home value is just over $250,000, making it one of the more affordable major metro suburbs to move to. An equivalent house in a suburb of New York City or Seattle could be hundreds of thousands more than that. 

Close to The Action

So you might be thinking that suburban life isn’t for you. We get it. 

Don’t be fooled, though. While Mt. Juliet is a suburb of Nashville, it’s only a 20-minute drive away. When you want a night out on the town, you’re in the perfect place to get in and out of town in record time. 

Not only that, but you still get the benefits of a quiet town. No more loud nights kept awake by crowds.

A Great Commute

When you live in Mt. Juliet you may still work in Nashville. As we mentioned, though, they’re close enough that this is no problem. 

The 20-minute drive is easy enough, but you also have a variety of public transportation options. A quick train and bus ride will get you where you need to go without the need to drive. 

We Love Mt. Juliet And You’ll Love It Too

Don’t you want to move to Mt. Juliet today? You can get all of the fun of Nashville with all of the family-friendly affordability of the suburbs. You don’t have to give up a fun city to raise your family in a quiet and safe place. 

If you’re ready to move, we’re ready to help. Contact us for a free quote so we can start your move as soon as possible!