Over 40 million Americans move into a new home each year. If you are one of them you know firsthand how stressful moving can be.

The last thing you want to have happened after a stressful move to a new home is to end up with your fragile items broken. Mishandling and improper packing are the leading causes of broken items.

These packing and moving tips for fragile items will help you make sure that all of your valuables make it into your new home unscathed.

1. Take Stock of Fragile Items

The fragile items that often get broken during the moving process are usually the ones that you forgot to take special care of. Take an inventory of all your fragile items before packing them. This makes them easier to pack individually.

You can help yourself get organized from the very beginning by checking out this essential moving checklist. Taking stock of your fragile items is part of the downsizing and organizing process.

2. Get the Right Packing Material

From bubble wrap to cardboard boxes and everything in-between, getting the right packing material for your move before packing makes the whole process much easier.

3. Individually Wrap When Possible

If you are packing away a box of your favorite dishes, individually wrap each dish in bubble wrap or newspaper prior to putting it in the box. Always stack the dishes one on top of another to ensure they don’t break.

The same goes for your favorite model figurines and other fragile items. Learning how to pack fragile items is all about taking items on a case-by-case basis.

Bubble wrap may work great for wrapping a priceless painting whereas crumpled newspaper may be more cost-effective for dishes or other more mundane objects.

4. Keep Fragile Items Separate

When you pack your fragile items, make sure that they are towards the top of the pile. You don’t want heavier items to crush them while in transit.

If possible, separate your fragile items and keep them with you in your car. The best way to ensure that your most important fragile items are handled with care is to transport them yourself.

5. Check Out More Packing and Moving Tips

You should always be looking for more packing and moving tips. You can dive deep into the specifics such as how to deal with heavy items, or how to prepare finicky electronic devices for your big moving day.

The more you know, the easier your moving experiences will be in the future. The average person moves over 11 times in their lifetime so chances are this won’t be your first or last move.

Move on up

With a little preparation, your big move will be a successful one into a new home that is a big improvement over your last abode. To make sure that your experience is as positive as possible implement these packing and moving tips.

That way you won’t be cleaning up broken pieces of your life as you begin a new chapter. For a successful move, you will need a professional moving team. Contact us today for a free quote and move on with your life.