In the U.S., on average, people will move over 11 times in their lifetime. Picking up your life and starting somewhere new can be difficult. Packing is often the most dreaded part of any move.

How do you organize everything to avoid getting stressed? Creating a moving budget is one way to make your life easier and help you move with ease. 

This article is here to cover 5 things to include in your moving costs. This includes the cost of movers and other materials you might need. Let’s get into it!

1. Packing/Unpacking Services

It might be tempting to pack up your house alone, but using a packing and unpacking service is a game changer. It is a lot less hassle for you, and moving house is stressful enough without all the heavy lifting. 

To make this easier, try and create a detailed list of everything that you own. You can break this down room by room, so you can get a good estimate of how much work needs to get done.

Remember that you will need to buy packing materials for the packing service to use. Many packing services provide this at an extra cost, or you can buy your own.

2. Movers Insurance 

When you are moving house, it is a good idea to get movers insurance. It is easy for things to get lost or damaged during the process. So having so extra coverage will give you peace of mind. 

There are many plans that you can choose from, depending on the size and type of items you’re moving. So make sure you read the small print on what they cover in your policy.

3. Removal Services

Hiring a professional moving service is the best option for most people when moving house. You will save time, protect your items and prevent unnecessary stress. 

It also stops you from getting any injuries, as you can leave the heavy lifting to those equipped for it. Removal people receive training to lift items with care and without injury. So it is the smart choice when budgeting for a move to include a removal service. 

4. Special Items

If you have any special items for hobbies or for display, you may need to pay extra costs. Large instruments like pianos need transporting with care so they won’t get damaged. 

If you collect art pieces or you have a safe that you need to move, these may also need specialized equipment. Check ahead of time with your moving provider if they can offer these services. 

5. Other Hidden Costs

When you are moving house, most of the time, the things you need for day-to-day life will be in boxes. This can make cooking and washing clothes very difficult. So you may need to buy takeout food or use a laundromat. 

Moving a long distance? Don’t forget to include fuel and accommodation costs in the budget. You may also need to pay for pet care or transportation whilst the packing and moving are happening. 

If you are not sure how much to budget for these things, you can try using a moving cost calculator. These are available when you search online.

Become a Moving Budget Pro!

Everyone finds themselves needing to move at some point during their lives. Using this article, you can create a moving budget, so you’re prepared for anything. 

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