Items That Should Be on Your Moving Checklist

As we mentioned in one of our previous blogs posts, creating a moving checklist is one the best tips to help your move-in day be a success. Local moving companies will appreciate that you are on top of things and have made their life easier with an organized move. There is a wide range of things that should go on this checklist to cover all of your basis, but we want to go over a few of the ones that you may forget about.

Hiring Movers

Obviously, you won’t forget to hire a team of professionals to assist you in your move. You may, however, not consider scheduling way in advance of your move. Depending on the time of year, moving companies can be completely booked with multiple moves every, leaving less time to fit your move in. The sooner you can book your move, the better. Consult with your local moving companies to find which one can fit with your schedule.

Keep All Records

Because of all the moving pieces and expenses that can come with moving, keeping a well-organized binder of everything will help keep your brain from imploding. You will want to throw anything related to the move in there such as estimates, receipts, and an inventory of all items being moved. This way you have something to refer back to after the move to ensure that everything is there and have a record of all finances related to the move. Other records you will want to get in order is your child’s school records. Getting all those transferred to the new school district will keep you a step ahead and prepare the schools for when you have actually move.

Pack Early

One thing that moving companies see all the time is people procrastinate their packing. The movers arrive the day of the move ready to get started and nothing is ready to be moved. This takes extra time for the movers to fully finish the job, and it makes your life more stressful during the time leading up to the move. It is a best practice to start packing the things you don’t use often as soon as possible so, during the final days leading up to the move, you aren’t scrambling to get everything packed and ready to go. Continue to repeat this process as the amount of time between the move gets shorter, and you won’t have to worry about getting it all done during the final days.

Change Your Address

This can be one of the biggest burdens of the entire move and not something everyone thinks about when it comes time, but letting all important parties know of your change in address before time can save you a lot of running around after the move. We forget how much is attached to our address until it comes time to move, and then we have to scramble so everything arrives at our new address. Let your post office, credit card companies, banks, and any utilities being used with that address know you are moving and need to change your information so all of it will make its way back to you.

In the chaos of everything that comes with a move, Tri-Star Moving wants to remind you of the small but important things to do beforehand.