The number of corporate relocations hit a six-year high in 2023.

If you’re staring down the barrel of a big company relocation, it’s important to have your ducks in a row. Commercial moves require every single team member’s dedication, but you also need a good strategy in place to make it productive and efficient.

Today, we’ll give you some crucial tips for commercial moving success. If you have a great plan and a top-notch commercial mover on your side, you can lower the stress of moving and keep your business running.

Keep reading and move your business the right way in 2024.

Hire Office Moving Services

As soon as you know you’re moving offices, you should start getting quotes for office relocation services. Having professional movers take your equipment and supplies from your old location to the new one makes everyone’s life easier. All you’ll need to worry about is prepping for them to arrive and unpacking once they’re gone.

In addition, hiring movers lowers your liability as an employer. If one of your employees were to sustain an injury during the move, they’ll be on workers’ comp. Professional moving companies take on the difficult work so you don’t have to.

Keep Employees In the Loop

It’s important to keep your employees privy to the details of the move. They all have their projects going on and moving will inevitably disrupt operations, even when you’ve got everything planned out.

Keep them in the know and they can prepare themselves for the move. Have them prepare their workspaces for the move so they’re not scrambling to do it last minute. The more your employees can help you streamline things before the move, the smoother things will go.

Declutter and Inventory

Another thing every business should do before a big move is try to declutter the office. Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need, so start by taking inventory of your equipment and supplies.

Once you’ve documented everything you’ve got, you can figure out what to get rid of. For instance, many companies have countless boxes of old, unnecessary documents. Shred these instead of moving them to the new office.

Stay Organized

To ensure a productive/efficient move, you should take organization seriously. Sort everything by room and category, taking time to label every piece of equipment and box of supplies so you’ll know where they go in the new location.

Another reason to take inventory before you leave is to make sure everything makes it to the new office. If you document your inventory, you can account for everything when the move is over.

Commercial Moves Don’t Have to Be Hard

Commercial moves are undoubtedly stressful, but use these tips and yours won’t be too hard. The most important thing is to find a professional moving company you can trust to move your office. 

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