Moving…It’s often cited as being one of the most stressful life events, especially when you consider the stress of packing fragile items like dinner plates and other breakable kitchenware. But what if we told you that kitchen packing didn’t have to be so worrisome? We have got the packing tips you need to have a successful kitchen packing without any troublesome breaking! Read this simple guide to find out how to do it! 

Reduce Your Kitchen 

Before you start packing dishes, take a look around at your kitchen inventory. Chances are, you have more than a few things that could be downsized! So, before you start packing, make three piles: Keep, Donate, and Discard. 

Downsizing your kitchen before you start packing will save you time and money. Go through each cupboard carefully and decide what you really need. A useful tip…If you haven’t used it in the last thirty days, chances are it can be donated or discarded! 

Get the Right Supplies 

When packing fragile items like glassware and other kitchenware items, it is crucial that you have the right supplies for the job. Consider grabbing the following items to make your kitchen packing session run smoothly:

  • Cell Kits 
  • Medium and Large Boxes
  • Bubble Wrap 
  • Thick Paper Wrapping 
  • Gloves 

The cell kits are crucial for packing fragile items in your kitchen, like plates and glasses. Their special design helps keep the items in place and prevents them from sliding around. Having varied sizes for your boxes will help ensure that everything is tight and secure in the box. 

Bubble wrap and paper wrapping are necessary to prevent glass items from moving around, rubbing against each other, and breaking. As for the gloves, you will be touching A LOT of glass! Wearing gloves helps keep smudges and fingerprints off your glass, and they help give you a better grip to prevent accidentally dropping your items. 

Pack Accordingly 

If you are moving to a new place, you are going to need quick access to some of your kitchen items once you get there, so packing your essentials and your non-essentials separately will help keep you organized. Keep in mind, studies show that staying organized reduces stress, and everyone could use some stress prevention during a move!

Start by packing the kitchen items you do not frequently use, like vases, larger bowls, serving ware, china, etc. Once you have the non-essential bulkier items securely packed, you can then move on to your daily use items like glasses, plates, bowls, etc. Avoid packing metal items alongside glassware as they could cause the glass to break. Be sure to wrap each glass item individually as well. 

Kitchen Packing Tips 

These simple packing tips will help make packing fragile items in your kitchen a breeze! Just remember to take your time, and don’t forget where you pack the celebratory wine glasses! 

Are you stressing over a big move? Don’t worry, Tri-Star Moving has got you covered! Our dedicated team is committed to making your move simple and efficient. Contact us today, and someone from our team will be in touch to get your big move on the books!