Did you know? Not every move goes according to plan. Whether you forgot to do something on your moving checklist or you rented the wrong size truck and your friends showed up two-hours late, there’s plenty that can go wrong when you move. 

Sometimes you can avoid the things that go wrong with a move by steering clear of some common moving mistakes. If you’ve never moved before, or your last move didn’t go well, make sure you avoid these five Mt. Juliet moving mistakes!

1. You Haven’t Started Packing Yet

Packing often takes more time than you think! Saving a house-full of packing until the day before your movers arrive can create plenty of problems, including:

  • Mislabeling boxes
  • Broken items packed in a rush
  • Not having enough packing materials
  • Losing things in the “trash” pile that you meant to keep

When you know your move date and schedule your professional movers, start packing! Doing a little over several weeks can help you protect your stuff and be ready for the movers to arrive on moving day.

2. You Want To Keep Everything

Unless you’re upsizing to a larger home, moving is an ideal time to let go of some things that don’t need to move with you. 

Maybe you’re not a hoarder—but if you’ve been in your home for a few years, you’ve probably collected some stuff that you don’t need to keep through a move into a new home. Reduce the time it takes to pack and the cost of a professional moving company by donating, selling, or trashing things you no longer need before you move!

3. You Didn’t Measure

Are you sure that couch fits into your new house? If it doesn’t fit, you paid someone to move a couch that you’ll need to leave at the curb after all. 

Measure your new space and your current furniture. Make sure everything on your inventory list fits well into your new home or office. 

4. You Packed Items You Need Today

Did you lose your toothbrush? What about your kids’ outfits for tomorrow? When packing, set aside the critical items you need for a few days. 

Until your stuff arrives at your new home, you’ll need to survive with the essentials for a few days. Don’t pack the toothbrushes or a few sets of clothes into the boxes that end up on your moving truck!

5. You Did a DIY Move

Moving one or two pieces of furniture across town might not require professional movers. However, making a full-house move across the country is better when you hire a professional moving company. 

We take excellent care of your items, inventory everything, and relieve the hassle of trying to do it yourself. 

Avoid These Moving Mistakes With Professional Movers

Moving mistakes can be expensive and frustrating! Save your sanity by choosing Tri-Star Moving for your next Mt. Juliet move. We’re a fully licensed and insured Nashville Moving Company committed to handling your items and move with care.

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